10 Best Fertilizer Spreader for Lawn Reviews in 2024

If you love your lawn and its beauty, one of the things you must do is apply fertilizer. Fertilizing your lawn gives it additional nutrients that your grass requires but are not available naturally in your soil. Fertilizing your lawn is a continuous process that you should carry out periodically from between 3-8 weeks depending on the type of fertilizer you are using.

A fertilizer spreader is a garden tool used to apply fertilizer to a given location evenly and in a time-efficient manner. Its use is in the application of materials and manure to the lawn.

To apply fertilizer, you should use a fertilizer spreader for it to be effective. The spreader assists you in carrying the fertilizer around the lawn and distributing it evenly on all areas of the lawn. If you over fertilizer the grass may get burned and dry up from the excess amounts of fertilizer. On the other hand, if you put little fertilizer, your lawn will not get the required nutrients and may not grow healthy.

When choosing the spreader there are many factors you have to consider such as the size of your lawn, size of grass and the frequency of use.

Fertilizer spreaders come in various kinds created to meet the varying needs of the user. The fertilizers come in several varieties but classified into the drop and the broadcast spreaders. The types include:

Broadcast Spreaders – They are also known as rotary spreaders. They are much larger and preferred by individuals who own large-sized lawns. These spreaders can disperse materials to a length of 8 feet. It is not suitable for scenarios where precision is a requirement for application

Drop Spreaders – These spreaders are suitable for smaller lawns because of their precise and even application. They drop the materials to be applied right beneath their base. This feature makes it not to be suitable for more extensive lawns. They have a container for fertilizer designed on pushers that are double wheeled.

Tow-behind Spreaders – This type of spreader is heavy duty and is also known as a pull-behind spreader. They use their wheels in powering the gears to turn the spreader disk. It is applicable for large spaces and it at times pulled by the tractors. They have excellent quality and durability, therefore, need a much bigger hopper capacity. The distance they spread fertilizers is much farther, and this makes them quite costly.

Handheld Spreaders – These are a small-sized type of spreaders with a small capacity mostly used for small lawns. They are very cost-effective and straightforward to use. You can operate them with a control knob which is useful when regulating the discharge to small areas. They assist in usability where conventional spreaders cannot reach.

Walk-behind Spreader – It is considered a primary spreader and therefore, budget-friendly. It works very well for lawns that are medium-sized and operate manually. It is mostly applicable for individuals who are looking for basic functionalities and choices.

1. Solo 421 20-Pound Capacity Portable Chest-mount Spreader

The Solo 421 20 pound capacity portable chest mount spreader comes at the top. This spreader offers you the best service that you can obtain for a spreader of its size. It has a unique harness system which helps to reduce the load it carries and evenly distributes it across your body as you use it. The reservoir comes with a screw on-cap to protect you from any contact with chemicals. The fingertip control levers on this device ensure that you get complete control in an easily accessible manner during use. The controls include directional settings that include right, left and center.

The spreader comprises of stainless steel and polyurethane components which serve as a guarantee and a mark of its durability. These components help in protecting it from clogging and rust with continued use. The spreader also has a crank which helps you during its operation to distribute a given amount of fertilizer to help you spread it evenly. This crank's location is in a position that allows you to set it up and give control to the agitator and the gearbox. The shoulder straps are very comfortable with the overall design of the spreader allowing for efficient use and portability.

Why we like it

  • It has direction and volume control fingertip levers
  • It comes with a gearbox that is fully enclosed and corrosion resistant
  • Cross shoulder strap that is comfortable
  • It has an easy to fill and clean hopper 20 lbs capacity for the hopper

Our Verdict
The Solo 421 20-pound capacity portable spreader is one of the best fertilizer spreaders that you will find in the market today. Its size and capacity are well suited for small lawns, yet it is versatile, lightweight and easy to use. It may not be the most affordable spreader, but you are guaranteed to get the best service from it.

2. Spot Spreader Hand Spreader Shaker

The spot spreader is one of the most efficient, effective and easy to use a handheld spreader for your lawn. The spreader comes in a stylish design with a black and green color scheme. The design of the hand spreader makes it very convenient to use, primarily because it can be held with just one hand securely and comfortably. The design of the spreader allows for multiple sized openings for the sizes of the different materials you would want to apply, making it very convenient for various applications.

The screw-on container top helps to ease the work of refills as it only needs little or no effort to open. The durable plastic materials used for the design of the spreader assures you of long term use since they are durable and free from corrosion effects. This device has increased portability featured into its manufacture since it comes at a lightweight of only 1.01 pounds. It also has an ergonomic grip to the handle which ensures there are no slips when in use. The size of this spreader allows you to reach into spots that other spreaders may not allow you to, which helps in even and efficient spread of the fertilizer.

Why we like it

  • It has adjustable holes for different sized materials
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • The design and materials used for construction are durable
  • It has a front lip to direct spread and ensure effectiveness
  • The design is compact and very stylish
  • It is easy to use and handle
Our Verdict
This spreader is most suited for tiny lawns since it operates manually. In case you need a spreader that is sleek and easy to use for the balcony gardens, in-house use and small gardens, then this design is most suited for you.

3. Scotts whirl hand-powered spreader

The Scotts whirl hand-powered spreader is a portable spreader used to spread fertilizer. The design of the spreader allows it to distribute materials to the areas applicable evenly. The materials used to construct the spreader allows for it to be very light and convenient to use while providing for a quality finish that provides for the machine to be easily cleaned and avoid rust and corrosion. The plastic covering is durable and convenient for long term use which means you get back value for your money over time without the spreader spoiling or needing any repairs.

This spreader has an adjustable arm that provides maximum comfort while using it. The spreader can hold up to 1500 square foot of products to be applied. The capacity makes it very suitable for small yards. The design of the spreader makes it very easy to use since it has a rotating arm that allows you to dispense the materials that you need to be applied. The weight of the spreader will enable you to carry it conveniently and comfortably while it is in use. This spreader is suitable for use all year round since you can use it for application of ice melt, applying of weed, fertilizers and seeds.

Why we like it

  • Has excellent arm support that is adjustable to guarantee comfort
  • Helps you to achieve a spread the is even
  • It comes fully assembled and ready for use Has a massive capacity for materials, about 1500 square feet

Our Verdict
The Scotts whirl hand-powered spreader is very useful in the achievement of evenly distributed fertilizer in the lawn or garden. The comfort in the arm support, coupled with its design makes it very user friendly to the benefit of the user. It is a worthy consideration for small lawns.

4. Earthway 3100 Professional 40lb. Hand Crank Broadcast Spreader

This spreader comes designed with a rustproof hopper that guarantees you effective use in all manner of weather conditions. The holding capacity of the spreader is about 40 lbs which is convenient for a large lawn and can cover up to 30,000 square feet. This capacity makes it easy for you to apply the fertilizer to a large area of the garden without having to do any refill. The spreader comes with a heavy-duty gearbox which features an easy to operate shutoff setting control that is present at the handle. This chassis is powder-coated making the spreader reliable and robust in use, and an exclusive dual-port meant for shutoff.

The Earthway 3100 leaves nothing to chance as its manufacturers offer a heavy-duty rain cover when you purchase to help you protect it from extreme weather conditions and ensure long term use. The design of the spreader allows you to quickly and conveniently clean it up after use to avoid corrosion and locking up. The spreader can also rotate in different angles which include going to the right, left and center and is capable of achieving 180 degrees. It is efficient in the spreading of seed, fertilizers, ice melt and other materials in a distributed manner allowing for its even application on the lawn.

Why we like it

  • It is conveniently portable with comfortable shoulder straps
  • It can carry a high capacity of materials to cover large lawns.
  • Has a rain cover for protection
  • It operates mechanically using an easy to use crank operation
  • Controls for setting are within easy reach during application.

Our Verdict
The Earthway 3100 is very well suited for heavy-duty lawn care. It is unbeatable when it comes to the application of fertilizers in large lawns and their even and effective spread. Its portability allows for use over different terrains, and the settings are not match-able. It is an invaluable spreader among the heavy-duty spreaders you can purchase.

5. Scotts Elite Spreader

The Scotts elite spreader is a spreader that uses the dual rotor technology to provide efficiency and accuracy in its spread pattern. The spreader can cover about 6 ft in its spread pattern, ensuring that a large area is covered, thereby saving on time. It has two tires used to maneuver the different terrains used and weather conditions. These 10-inch tires come filled with foam for them not to go flat in the course of use. This spreader comes with a total capacity of 20,000 square feet of materials and is very efficient, especially when applying fertilizer, salt and seeds. The spreader comes with an ergonomic handle which can provide maximum support with the comfort that is required by the user when operating it.

The Scotts Elite Spreader only requires minor assembly before you use it. The assembly includes the removal of agitator pins when spreading coarse rock salt. The spreader comes integrated with an ergonomic handle having a holder for your smartphone within reach. The design of the Scotts Elite Spreader is effortless, which makes the assembling process to be straightforward.

Why we like it

  • It has a handle that is ergonomic and can hold a smartphone
  • It has flat tires which help in working in any given terrain
  • It has a large capacity of 20,000 sq. ft. for the materials used for spreading
  • It is straightforward to assemble before use
  • It has dual rotors which go a long way to help it in ensuring accuracy during application.

Our Verdict
The Scotts Elite Spreader embraces the dual rotor technology, which is by far the best technology for accuracy in spreaders. It is by far the best in the Scotts division of spreaders as it eases work with the 6-inch diameter, its precision and ergonomic features. You can never go wrong with this spreader.

6. Scotts Turf Builder Edge-Guard DLX Broadcast Spreader

The Scotts turf builder edge-guard DLX broadcast spreader takes advantage of technology to bring an exclusive edge-guard technology. This technology helps the spreader to block off the right side of the Scotts turf builder pattern to prevent the material from being applied form going to areas where they are not needed. The spreader has a massive capacity with a hopper that can be able to hold up to 15,000 square foot which enables it to sufficiently be work on an incredibly large lawn of about 5000 square foot. This considerable size ensures that you do not have to consistently stop to refill the hopper leading to more effectiveness in uninterrupted operations.

It comes with precision settings on a control panel which helps you to deliver coverage that is efficient and accurate.

The product comes ready to use from the manufacturer, which means you do not need to go through the hustle of integrating any parts and can get to work straight away. It allows for uniformity of the spread by ensuring even spread of the fertilizer and other materials that you want to apply. This spreader's design enables it to work with materials that are granulated like grass seeds and salt. It is highly versatile and user friendly to the benefit of the user.

Why we like it

  • It has an edge-guard technology that is exclusive
  • Able to hold up to 15,000 square feet of materials for spread, including fertilizer and salt.
  • It comes calibrated form the manufacturer and ready for use.
  • The spreader comes with settings for precision and accurate application of the fertilizers

Our Verdict
The large capacity of the spreader makes it very convenient for individuals with large lawns and is concerned about accuracy in terms of the spreading of the materials. The design of the spreader is for individuals looking for versatility and convenience integrated into a spreader.

7. Earthway 2150 Commercial 50-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

The Earthway 2150 is your spreader of choice in any case you are going to be involved in a commercial project. The spreader comes with a massive capacity of 50 lbs. The size makes it very useful in extensive gardens, golf courses and projects that need a lot of spreading. The size eliminates the need for refills and maximizes on time. Its build helps it use the EVN-Spread technology to assist in the even distribution of granules of fertilizer in times of use. The Earthway 2150 commercial has a three-hole dropping shut off system that it uses in the spread of the materials.

This spreader allows you to adjust the rate of dispersion that you want for the fertilizer for effectiveness. The driveshaft that is mechanical by nature allows for the implementation of this feature. You can choose to either have a higher flow or a lower one as you deem most effective. The spreader comes with adjustable height handles on the sturdy frame to allow you to choose the height that best suits you during the operation of the spreader. The spreader, designed to function in any terrain, comes with heavy-duty air-filled tires that allow for easy navigation and stability as it works.

Why we like it

  • It has good storage
  • The spreader has a robust frame
  • It is a heavy-duty spreader
  • It comes with adjustable handles
  • It is compact and ideal for smaller homes
  • Allows for very precise and even fertilizer distribution

Our Verdict
This spreader is best suited for large projects, especially those carried out on golf courses, agricultural projects and large farms. Landscapers will also find the Earthway 2150 Commercial spreader to be conveniently useful for the large projects that they undertake.

8. Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader

The Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard is an excellent choice for a small lawn. Among the walk behind spreaders produced by Scotts, it is the least in size. Its design is meant for quick and easy spread of small yards and can hold up to 5000 square feet of granulated products. It is instrumental in the provision of precision and compact coverage. The Scotts Turf Builder Edge guard also function s very well in the application of ice melt on driveways and paths. It comes with the EdgeGuard technology, which helps in protecting and preventing the products from being applied in the places where they are not supposed to be in use. The edge-guard obstructs one side of the spreader preventing the products and materials from reaching the non-lawn areas.

The Scotts Turf Builder Edge-guard comes as a lightweight spreader which makes it easy to handle though if not correctly handled may tilt and topple over. The spreader had unique calibrations as it only involves attaching the wheel, and it is ready for use. It is also very versatile in its operations and allows the application and spread of grass seed on the lawn. You can also use it to apply ice melt on the driveways and the walkways.

Why we like it

  • The Edge-guard technology allows for the accurate and precise spread of the materials
  • It is suitable for large lawns, measuring over 5,000 square feet.
  • The spreader and the material used is easy to clean and use
  • The spreader needs no assembly and is ready to use

Our Verdict
This spreader is very suitable for instances where you have a lawn that is about 5000 square feet. This spreader provides you with an appropriate and cheap option for obtaining the lightweight spreader. It is easy to use and very convenient for you.

9. Earthway 2050 TP Estate 80-Pound Broadcast Tow Spreader

This spreader has a smaller capacity as compared to the other spreaders with a hopper capacity of 80 pounds. The hopper also comes manufactured from rustproof poly which makes it very suitable for long term service. The overall weight of the spreader is 15.3 pounds which makes it very portable form one place to the other during its use. It also comes with a tire that is pneumatic and threaded of 10 inches which ensures that the spreader is stable during use and can be able to move on any given terrain while maintaining its balance. The wheels are large and non-slip, enabling them to provide a stable and robust foundation.

The Earthway 2050 TP comes with a lawn tractor trailer hitch, an enclosed gearbox and rugged pneumatic wheels. It is versatile in use as well and can help in the application of seeds fertilizer and the distribution of de-icers. The spreader boasts of an epoxy coated chassis as a reflection of durability and longevity to protect it from rust and corrosion. It also has a heavy-duty high-speed gearbox just to ensure effectiveness during its use. The manufacturers can provide an optional rain cover to ensure it is protected from harsh weather and keep it at its optimal best.

Why we like it

  • The spreader has a very durable construction
  • The plastic used to make the spreader is heavy-duty.
  • It comes with a large hopper in the capacity of 80 pounds
  • It has 10-inch tires with deep tread for stability
  • It comes with the best fertilizer application technology and uses the EV-N-SPRED 3 Hole Drop Shut –Off system

Our Verdict
The Earthway 2050 TP is the best and the perfect accessory if you have a garden tractor used to provide commercial applicator results at a friendly budget or cost. The overall product design ensures it serves its intended need efficiently.

10. Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

This product comes with a large capacity of 130 pounds for the spreading material that will be used hence reducing the refill times needed. The Agri – Fab 130 is very portable and moves very quickly in various terrains. This mobility is due to the incredibly significant wheelbase that it possesses. The wheelbase helps the spreader in maintaining stability as it moves in the course of use. It also comes with precision settings that are adjustable for you to find that setting that works very well for you and to maximize efficiency.

The Agri-Fab 45 – 0463 is designed with an enclosed gearbox to ensure that the even spread of the materials is sufficient. It has on and off control of the rod that is accessible from the tractor seat. It is beneficial since it allows you to control the spreader while operating it without any disruptions. The spreader has material deflectors and hopper grates. The material deflectors help in reducing the width of the material spread. At the same time, the hopper grates help in preventing block of flow control by any material to achieve the desired spreading. Finally, the hopper of the spreader comprises of rustproof material which helps increase its durability and prolong the time of active use.

Why we like it?

  • It has an enclosed gearbox that comes with tapered gears for even spreading
  • It comes with an optional hopper cover for those who may find a use for it.
  • It has an ample wheelbase ensuring its stability on different terrains
  • Has an off-on control setting integrated to the spreader
  • Large hopper capacity of 130 pounds reducing refill time.

Our Verdict
If you are a heavy user, then this is the perfect spreader for you. It is very convenient for large areas, lawns, and gardens where you can practice agriculture. If you have a terrain that seems rough, the Agri-Fab is the best spreader due to its enhanced stability provided by the wheels.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Lawn Fertilizer Spreader

Hopper capacity – The capacity of the hopper is essential when choosing a fertilizer spreader. The size will determine the number of refills that you will have to make while spreading the fertilizer. The size of your lawn will also dictate the capacity of the hopper that you need. A smaller garden does not require a vast hopper capacity.

Ease of Use – How effortless is it to operate the fertilizer spreader? There are simple fertilizer spreaders that are quite easy to use and do not require any advanced skills to manage. Then there are spreaders that need some technical know-how and may not be simple, especially if it will be the first time you are using the fertilizer spreader. Always go for an easy to use a spreader.

Accessories – A fertilizer spreader that comes with additional features is much better since it means that you can get more services integrated into the essential use. A common feature is the edge-guard which helps to prevent your fertilizer form going to areas you do not want. This feature helps you to reduce wastage and experience more efficiency. Some spreaders have a hopper cover which will help protect its contents from damage by natural occurrences like rain.

Cost of the fertilizer spreader – The cost of the fertilizer spreader is a crucial factor of consideration. A spreader that is pocket friendly to both buy and maintain is most advisable. Factors lie the material used in construction, additional functionalities, and type are significant determiners when it comes to cost. You should select a spreader that is affordable yet can give the best features that you feel are important to you.

The type of spreader – Spreaders come in a variety of forms depending on the specific nature of use that you need it to fulfill. Before purchasing a spreader, it is right for you to predetermine the type of spreader that you need before selecting the fertilizer spreader. The fertilizer spreaders are mostly designed either for multiple functionalities or particular uses.

Quality of material – The quality of the material used to construct the fertilizer spreader is another factor that you should consider. The quality of the content helps to determine the durability of the fertilizer spreader. It enables you to choose a spreader that promises to serve you for a long time.

Where to Buy A Lawn Fertilizer Spreaders Online

There are numerous sites and companies from which you can purchase the fertilizer spreaders. We prefer directing people to Amazon since it is one of the best sites where you can make purchases. Amazon provides for you a wide variety of fertilizer spreaders to choose from and offers different brands of fertilizer spreaders. They also ship your product incredibly fast at remarkably low prices. They also have a return policy on the fertilizer spreader in case it does not meet your preferences.

They have the best prices you can get anywhere since several manufacturers are competing for customers. The site is very reliable with excellent customer service, which is the reason why most people have stuck to Amazon. The site has superb ratings with excellent customer reviews and recommendations, which shows that they are trustworthy.


Selecting the best fertilizer spreader has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the work that you are going to be carrying out with it. A suitable fertilizer spreader should be adequate and fit for the task it handles. The final results and satisfaction are all tied to the type of lawn spreader that you purchase. Whether you are starting to use the fertilizer spreader or you are a seasoned user, you will have a lot of options provided by the market, and it may be hard to choose the best that fits your need. This issue at times becomes very frustrating, and you may end up with a fertilizer spreader that is not effective. This article gives lawn spreader reviews for some of the best lawn spreaders that you can find in the market. It also sets the factors that you will have to consider when making this selection. We hope the information will help you make the best choice.

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