10 Best Broadcast Spreader Reviews in 2024

For your yard to look good, it requires a lot of maintenance. Some of the things you can do to keep our lawn looking nice are applying fertilizer, spreading the grass seed, and weed killers. You can apply fertilizer by hand, but it will have an uneven cover. Still, low-quality application machines won't offer the best results.

The most effective way to spread products in your yard is using a broadcast spreader. A broadcast spreader is an efficient tool that spreads products evenly on your lawn. Its large hopper allows you to apply the product within minutes without stopping for frequent refills. If you are looking for a lawn spreader, here are the 10 best broadcast spreader reviews in 2022.

A broadcast spreader is used to spread granular fertilizer, seeds, and ice-melting pellets. There are many models in the market, but they all function the same way. A broadcast spreader is fitted with many components, such as a hopper holding application material. Most hoppers are spacious enough to hold the product for a coverage of up to at least 5 000 sq. ft.

There are three different forms of diffusion spreaders. First, we have tow spreaders designed to mount on ATVs or tractors to cover a wider area. They don't need to be refilled often as they hold many products.

You can find walk-behind spreaders suitable for medium-sized lawns. They are designed to be driven around, and they have big pneumatic tires that facilitate mobility. Lastly, there are chest-mounted spreaders which are the smallest. They are suitable for small lawns and yards, requiring much hassle to operate.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Broadcast Spreader


  • This is the most important consideration before purchasing a broadcast spreader. The maximum capacity of the spreader you want will be determined by the size of your lawn or yard. Generally, always look for a large capacity spreader that will save you from stopping to refill often. A large capacity spreader will help you save time, and the spread will be consistent.

    If you want to know how much capacity you need, measure your lawn to get the sq. ft and compare it to the sq. ft a fertilizer or bag seed can cover. Mostly, 10-pound bags cover about 5 000 sq. ft of lawn. Therefore, if your lawn is roughly this size, you will require at least 10 pounds of capacity for a spreader.

Adjustments and Settings

  • The other important consideration is how many settings and adjustments the spreader allows you to make. With more adjustments, you can spread more items while your machine remains versatile. Furthermore, consider looking for a conversion chart to guide you on what setting to use for a certain product. Nowadays, fertilizers have a spreader setting listed on the package.


  • Wheels play an important role in the mobility of a broadcast spreader. Most spreaders in the market use 13" tires designed to move on a wide range of surfaces without causing damage or leaving marks. The tires are puncture-resistant, and they hold the pressure for long to give you a long-lasting performance. Avoid spreaders with plastic tires because they break easily and don't offer enough balance.


  • The other thing worth considering is the balance. You have to look for a spreader that is well balanced and comfortable to use to spread product for long. Two components determine the stability of a broadcaster, that is, the wheels and frame. These two components need to be sturdy and powerful enough to withstand any product weight without losing shape or collapsing. If these two components are not strong, you will have difficulty spreading the product.


  • Lastly, you have to think about assembly because not all broadcast spreaders come fully assembled. Look for something built with a simple design that will allow even beginners to assemble within minutes. Furthermore, it should include user instructions to make the whole assembly process easier.

The 10 Best Broadcast Spreader Reviews in 2022

#10. Scotts Elite Spreader

Scotts Elite Spreader

The Scotts Elite spreader is the most precise and advanced fertilizer spreader Scotts have ever produced. It makes an ideal choice for medium-sized farms and yards. This spreader features a comfortable grip handle with a smartphone holder to check alerts while working.

It is one of the best spreaders in the market, built with a simple and user-friendly design that helps users operate it with ease. The Elite has two rotor motors that deliver precise power to move the spreader while doing the spreading job. You can adjust the slow stop to ensure only the material you need is spread.

Scoots Elite spreader has a flow control that makes it simple to open and close the spreader as you move around the yard, and its heavy-duty tires will move smoothly on all surfaces. What's more, it has rustproof components, an aluminum gearbox, and an enclosed taper.


  • Its dual rotors provide good accuracy
  • It can hold up to 20 000 sq. ft of fertilizer
  • Features a handle with a built-in smartphone holder
  • It requires minimal assembly


  • The wheels have a bad design.

#9. AMAZE 75201 Broadcast Spreader

AMAZE 75201 Broadcast Spreader

With this broadcast spreader, you can apply grass seed, weed killer, and fertilizer accurately. The spreader is fitted with a large hopper that is rust and scratch-resistant, and it can hold up to 10 000 sq. ft of lawn care product. It is designed to be versatile and can be used when a rotary spreader is needed.

While applying lawn products, your lawn will always be protected from damage because it has smooth-rolling wheels that move without making marks or damaging the grass. It has a large handle with grips to push easily even when your hands are wet. This spreader is made from top-quality materials that enhance long-lasting performance.


  • This broadcast spreader is lightweight and simple to use
  • It offers a quick and accurate way to treat your lawn
  • With one-hopper, it feeds up to 10 000 sq. ft


  • It doesn't have many settings, meaning getting the right coverage will rely on your technique.

#8. Brinly P20-500BHDF-A Spreader

Brinly P20-500BHDF-A Push Spreader

If you are looking for a durable lawn spreader, Brinly P20-500BHDF-A is the best tool. The lawn spreader is fitted with a hopper that accommodates 50lbs. of grass seed, snow and ice-melt agents, and lawn fertilizer. It has pneumatic 12" x 3" tires that easily push through the lawn without making marks.

It includes a deflector kit that controls the material flow and prevents the distribution of material to unwanted areas. You can flip the deflector up and out when not in use. Moreover, it has easy-to-reach controls and calibration settings that guarantee efficiency and accuracy.

The broadcast spreader has a powder-coated frame, a rust-resistant gearbox, and a stainless steel agitator, hardware, and shaft. With all these rust-resistant components, it is a product built to last.


  • It has long-lasting hardware
  • Features a deflector kit that that controls material flow
  • Simple to assemble and use
  • It is a multifunctional and reliable tool


  • It is hard to adjust the rod that connects the lever to the hopper.

#7. Chapin 8400C SureSpread Spreader

Chapin 8400C SureSpread Spreader

Thanks to its reliable and easy-to-use components, Chapin Professional spreader is built to provide superior performance. It has a finger grip on the hopper to enhance lifting, and its hopper can accommodate up to 100-pounds of product. The spreader has 14" wide pneumatic tires that provide ultimate stability on various surfaces.

The spreader has a stainless steel T-shaped handle that makes control easy, even when your hands are slippery. This spreader has a special tread pattern control that allows for accurate control of the spread pattern. It includes a rain cover that will enable you to apply the product when it is raining.


  • Offers a reliable and superior performance
  • Uses wide-tread pneumatic tires for flexibility
  • Supported by a rugged, stainless-steel frame
  • The included rain cover protects the fertilizer from wet conditions and outdoor elements


  • The instructions are short and not clear enough
  • Assembling the spreader is tedious.

#6. Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader

Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader

The Agri-Fab 45-0462 broadcast spreader will grow a beautiful lawn you can always be proud of. Depending on the spread material, the 130lbs. spreader can cover an area of up to 25 000 sq. ft. Besides, it includes a steel rod flow control that offers an easy way to open or close during spreading.

This spreader has an enclosed gearbox with everything you need to make maintenance simple. It is fitted with strong and durable 13" x 4" pneumatic tires that facilitate movement nm different surfaces. The model has sturdy yet comfortable handles that make it easy to push the spreader for hours.

Moreover, it has a stainless-steel frame that is resistant to scratches, rust, and bending for durability and better performance.


  • The poly hopper is rust-resistant and spacious
  • Included pneumatic tires increase flexibility
  • Features aluminum beveled gear for durability
  • A single hopper covers up to 25 000 sq. ft
  • It has an ergonomic handle design for simple control


  • It has no deflectors, making it hard to control the product coming out.

#5. Earthway Commercial 50 LB Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

Earthway Commercial 50 LB Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

Earthway Even Spread spreader has a 3-hole-drop system with side-spread control that supports an even spread pattern. The even-spread drop system allows you to adjust the drop rate directly on the spreader. It has a fully enclosed gearbox that provides simple maintenance for years to come. You can get clog-free results even when you use it under moist conditions, and you will never struggle cleaning out the drop holes.

It has a side-spread control that protects sidewalks, flowerbeds, and walkways. The side-spread control allows you to control the left side spread pattern, maintaining the perfect application rate even when close to paths and other areas you don't want to spread. Furthermore, it has a steel T-shaped handle that makes control easy.

The spreader includes 13" pneumatic tires and a sturdy frame that enhances even weight distribution. The wheels will never flatten, allowing you to spread salt, fertilizer, weed killer, or seeds on slopes or any uneven ground.


  • It comes with a fully engineered gearbox that offers years of service
  • Features a sides-spread control that eliminates the need for side deflectors
  • It has a heavy-duty and durable construction
  • It uses a patented even-drop system for an even spread
  • Features a 2-position height adjustable handle


  • Included instructions are not reliable
  • It is hard to assemble.

#4. Echo RB-60 Heavy-Duty Spreader

Echo RB-60 Heavy-Duty Spreader

This heavy-duty broadcast spreader is fitted with quality tires that make it easy to move the spreader on different surfaces and ease application. The spreader has a large hopper that holds a significant amount of product. You won't have to make often refills in between to save time.

It has two easy-control handles that help you move the spreader in any direction. The good thing about the handles is their comfortable grip that ensures your hands are slip-free even when wet. Thanks to the included instructions, the spreader is easy to assemble within minutes. It includes a rust-resistant frame that ensures the spreader is stable and performs best.

· It comes with simple assembly instructions

· It is sturdy and built to withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions

· A budget-friendly option for small yards

· With its compact design, it doesn't require much space for storage

· Not suitable for spreading fertilizer.

#3. The Andersons Yard Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

The Andersons Yard Star Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

When it comes to fertilizer application on your lawn, accuracy is crucial. With The Andersons Broadcast Spreader, you get a model designed for accuracy and efficiency. It ensures an even spread pattern and precise application. The broadcast spreader features a 3-hole drop shut-off system and adjustable drop rate to ensure consistent spread.

Thanks to its 2-position, height-adjustable handle, this yard spreader makes product application easy for users of all heights. This spreader includes 13-inch pneumatic tires and a wide frame that provides all-terrain control and even weight distribution.

In addition, it has a hopper cover that protects your product from rain, snow, and outdoor elements. It is compatible with seed, salt, and fertilizer.


  • Features a height-adjustable handle for maximum control
  • Has a 50lb. hopper capacity
  • Users of different heights can operate it
  • The spreader can be used on all terrains


  • It isn't easy to assemble
    Requires many refills in-between.

#2. Earthway Commercial 100 LB Rustproof Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

Earthway Commercial 100 LB Rustproof Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

Earthway broadcast spreader offers an accurate spread pattern for all types of material you want to apply on your lawn. It includes a heavy-duty gearbox that helps you cut hiring maintenance services. The spreader features a side spread control that allows precise placement without wasting fertilizer.

This fertilizer spreader has 13" tires that provide simple movement on different surfaces while maintaining stability. Still, it has an oversized steel frame, gearbox, and full metal controls that deliver an excellent performance. Moreover, the spreader has a 100lb capacity hopper attached to the sturdy steel frame. The handle length can be adjusted to suit users of different heights.

Thanks to its even spread technology, you can apply the right amount of fertilizer to your lawn without overfeeding some areas. With the included instructions, assembling this spreader is quick and easy.


  • It uses side spread control that ensures accurate fertilizer placement
  • Features a heavy-duty gearbox that delivers a solid performance
  • Has 100lb. capacity
  • The length of the handle can be adjusted to suit different users


  • It does not work well for rock salt and sand
  • The pneumatic tires don't hold pressure for long.

#1. Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader

Last but not least, the edgeguard broadcast spreader is another good model for applying grass seed and fertilizer in spring, salt, and ice melt. The smaller size holder can accommodate up to 5 000 sq. ft of product, and you won't need to do often refills. It has a large handle with grips to push easily even when your hands are wet.

Using this model is easy because it comes with application instructions. It is equipped with a control panel that ensures you apply the right amount of product. The spreader uses Scotts EdgeGuard Technology; when engaged, it blocks off the right side of the spreader pattern to restrict the product from spreading onto areas you don't want.

This spreader is made from top-quality materials that enhance long-lasting performance. You can use this spreader on any yard or surface because it has smooth rolling that enhances easy movement.


  • It can hold up to 5 000 sq. ft
  • Uses Scotts Edge Guard Technology for precise application
  • It has a control panel that ensures accurate coverage
  • Great for treating small and large areas


  • Not good for tall people over 5.7".

Final Words

When selecting your next broadcast spreader, I recommend buying one from our reviews. For instance, I highly recommend Scotts Elite Spreader as the best overall. It is an excellent model with all the components needed to deliver precise and accurate spread. The spreader has a lot to offer, and it is suitable for small or large-sized lawns.

If you are not satisfied with this model, the other spreaders are worth investing in. Overall, I hope you have found the perfect one from our best broadcast spreader reviews for your needs.

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