The Best Tips For Fertilizing Your Lawn

It’s time to spruce up your lawn again. Your lawn will not grow to be a beautiful site to look at on its own. It needs care among which is applying fertilizer. Fertilizers give the grass extra nutrients that are not available in the soil or if available they are in small quantities.

It is recommended that before purchasing any fertilizer, you should have your soil tested in a laboratory near you so that you get to know what nutrients your soil is lacking. With this information, you can then purchase in your local stores. Fertilizer should be applied in the recommended quantity otherwise applying too much of it may damage your grass.

When to Fertilize your lawn

Spring is the best time to apply fertilizer on your lawn when the grass starts growing after the stunt in winter. At this time the soil temperatures are usually about 50 degrees and in most parts of the US, this is usually in mid-April.

The type of fertilizer to apply

The basic nutrients that you need to feed your lawn are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which are depicted as N.P.K respectively on the bag of fertilizer you will purchase. The digits written alongside each letter depict the percentage of the nutrients available and the rest of the digits are filler materials that make the application process smoother.

Nature of Fertilizer to apply

When you go to the fertilizer store, ask for slow-release fertilizer that will break down their nutrients over a long time such as about 8 weeks. The fist-release fertilizer requires reapplication after about 4 weeks.

Use a spreader for application

For best application, use a spreader because it will ensure that the fertilizer is applied evenly across the lawn. Take the precaution of shutting the spreader before pouring fertilizer on it otherwise you may empty all the contents on one spot.

For home lawns, you can use a handheld spreader. Make sure that you walk consistently around the lawn so that you do not end up having some areas not having any fertilizer on them.

Frequency of application

It is recommended that you first apply fertilizer when soil temperatures are about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You can check with your local university extension office on the actual temperatures because they have this information. The second application should be in mid-may, after which you can every 8 weeks through October.

If you have organic material, you can substitute it in the third application because it also brings with it some important nutrients that the soil needs. It makes the soil lose its hardiness and become softer. Throughout the fall, grass continues to grow and that is why you should keep looking after your lawn.

Avoid over-application

When you purchase the fertilizer, we recommend that you should start with half the recommended quantity of application. Also, you should invest in a good spreader and take precautions that it is always shut when you put the fertilizer in there.

It is best to start applying fertilizer from the perimeter wall around and coming inside and all in one direction. This pattern ensures that fertilizer is not over-applied in one section and that there is better coverage. Remember that it is better to apply little than to apply more than the recommended quantities because over-application will waste money, burn the grass and it will dry off.

Be sure to check the weather forecast for the day before applying. If you apply fertilizer and it is followed by a heavy downpour, most of it will be washed away and It will be a total waste.


When you purchase your fertilizer it will have a section where it indicates whether to water your grass before or after application. Some fertilizers need some moisture for them to break down and ,therefore need to be watered after application.

You need to keep watering your lawn because the more fertilizer it receives the more the growth and hence the need for more water.

The process might sound complex but you will get the hang of it once you start. Also, when you start seeing the good results you will get motivated to keep going since your efforts will be realized by having the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood.

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